Skin Assessment and Mapping:

  • Hobart Skin Cancer Clinic uses the state of the art MoleMax skin cancer detection system which is used around the world.
  • In your first visit images of your skin surface will be taken using a high-definition digital MoleMax HD camera.
  • The images will then be stored within the MoleMax software program, the full body foundation mapping procedure takes around thirty minutes.
  • The images are magnified 30x and, using a special polarised light, the detailed structure of the lesion or mole can be seen.
  • Early changes to your skin can be detected as the image is enlarged to fill the entire monitor screen.
  • The MoleMax HD system enables the doctor to visually compare a current series of images against the previous images taken to identify changes or the development of new lesions.
  • The comparison of moles using this system results in fewer unnecessary removals.
  • Images can be transferred to a USB drive to take with you if moving interstate or overseas.
  • Single spot checks are also available using the MoleMax HD technology.

Treatment Options:

  • Some spots on the skin may not require any immediate treatment and with regular skin checks any changes can be monitored. If a spot, freckle, mole or lesion does require treatment, please refer to the examples below.
  • Should lesions require treatment the use of Cryotherapy (dry ice) may be required. Alternatively topical therapy (creams/lotions) may be considered effective.
  • Should a lesion or mole require removal, our skilled medical practitioners are able to undertake these procedures. These procedures may range from simple excision and suturing to excision and skin graft/skin flap repairs.

Product Ranges:

Hobart Skin Cancer Clinic stocks a range of skin care products to protect and enhance your skin.

  • Ego Skin Care
  • Sun Sense Sun Protection

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